Women in Kurdish Politics: Competition

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has one female minister. 

Why do Kurdish women compete against each other instead of trying to work collaboratively to achieve political goals? Kurdish women, like their male counterparts, seek to advance their careers more so than working collaboratively.Continue reading “Women in Kurdish Politics: Competition”

The need for a ‘Kurdish’ form of feminism

Kurdish woman, known as Shadi opens oil changing shop for automobiles in Slemani city (male dominated field).

Kurdish women can often be their own worst enemies in relation to challenging the normative status quo, especially when it comes down to what constitutes as feminism in the region. This might sound strange, but for some reason, the word ‘feminist’ has become an ‘ugly’ word for women to associate themselves with.Continue reading “The need for a ‘Kurdish’ form of feminism”

Kurdish woman set ablaze by husband, receives little media attention

287604Image1.jpgWhile some women were celebrating International Women’s Day with slogans, flowers, and pretty selfies, I could not help but wonder, what are they celebrating? Perhaps they live in an “alternative” reality because the situation of women has only improved on a minuscule scale in Kurdistan Region.Continue reading “Kurdish woman set ablaze by husband, receives little media attention”

The Trump administration and Kurdistan Regional Government

1djvlkx5k1_9drlfnyithrqWhat kind of relationship will Kurdistan Regional Government have with the new U.S. administration? Kurdish officials are currently in the “wait-and-see” phase, although the Kurdistan Region’s President Masoud Barzani recently said in an interview that he hopes for greater support.Continue reading “The Trump administration and Kurdistan Regional Government”

Kurdistan: University undergraduate ‘killed for falling in love’

15621849_1559739597374204_7628684077549035171_nAn undergraduate student at Ishik University in Kurdistan Region’s Erbil city has died in what appears to be an honour-related case. Her name is Sarween Nobidar (21-years-old).Continue reading “Kurdistan: University undergraduate ‘killed for falling in love’”

The successes and failures of Kurdistan Regional Government in 2016


When we look back on the achievements, failures and missed opportunities of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in 2016, there are both instances of good governing and grave incompetence that plagues Kurdistan Region’s relative success.Continue reading “The successes and failures of Kurdistan Regional Government in 2016”

Kurdish women innovate to overcome power shortages in Erbil

Hadel Rahmany

Kurdistan Region is currently facing financial and economic hardships. The financial crisis has led to the decline of business investment and prosperity as the government continues to host over one million refugees fleeing the violence of Islamic State group while maintaining its fight against the extremist group.
Continue reading “Kurdish women innovate to overcome power shortages in Erbil”

Kurdish children and their opportunities

923319_463624257058776_474369033_nIn 1954, the General Assembly recommended countries to recognise a Universal Children’s day, where the welfare of children will be promoted. Today marks the Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1959) and the convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) which were adopted by the General Assembly.Continue reading “Kurdish children and their opportunities”