The Trump administration and Kurdistan Regional Government

What kind of relationship will Kurdistan Regional Government have with the new U.S. administration? Kurdish officials are currently in the “wait-and-see” phase, although the Kurdistan Region’s President Masoud Barzani recently said in an interview that he hopes for greater support.

Improving Kurdistan’s democracy through online participation

Kurdistan’s current media agencies tend to be deeply rooted to various establishments, some of which are political. Social networking sites can be used as politicised tools to influence policy-making, news-narratives and when the voices of the masses are combined they can become effective tools of mass communication.

The Mandela of Kurdistan is still imprisoned for life

The demonisation of political leaders and imprisonment is contingent upon the world’s political climate, and this is an undisputed historical fact. What strikes me as odd is how easily we perceive one political figurative leader to be a “terrorist” and another a “freedom fighter” when similar approaches have been embodied in the fight towards socialContinue reading “The Mandela of Kurdistan is still imprisoned for life”

President Massoud Barzani should not accept prolonging his term in office without a public vote

The Kurdistan parliament has passed a law that will permit the President of Kurdistan to prolong his term in office for two years. Constitutionally, a Parliament does not have the legal right to prolong its own term.