The need for a ‘Kurdish’ form of feminism

Kurdish woman, known as Shadi opens oil changing shop for automobiles in Slemani city (male dominated field).

Kurdish women can often be their own worst enemies in relation to challenging the normative status quo, especially when it comes down to what constitutes as feminism in the region. This might sound strange, but for some reason, the word ‘feminist’ has become an ‘ugly’ word for women to associate themselves with. Continue reading

Kurdish ‘spring picnics’ are a nightmare

trash.pngWhen spring arrives, so do the Kurdish version of picnics, which are akin to a “nightmare” for me. Our gleeful neglect and disregard for the environment is an embarrassment — while others look at our countryside they see a nation that fights for independence but disrespects the soil it seeks to represent. What good is our nationalistic sentiment when so many are keen on destroying it. Continue reading