Kurdish Imams should wage an ideological war against ISIS

The current dynamics of Middle East has inevitably raised questions about the various ways the Islamic religion can be interpreted. Some of the interpretations have cause havoc, and used as justification to commit horrendous crimes against humanity, of which many argue are not part of Islam.

Our responsibility towards the Ezidi community

In August 2014, the Islamic State militants (IS) terrorised a predominately Ezidi town of Shingal. Thousands of women, most of them young, and girls were kidnapped. They were forced into sex slavery, they were treated like cattle, if not worse. Some of the girls kidnapped were as young as twelve years old, given as gifts toContinue reading “Our responsibility towards the Ezidi community”

Kurdish ‘spring picnics’ are a nightmare

When spring arrives, so do the Kurdish version of picnics, which are akin to a “nightmare” for me. Our gleeful neglect and disregard for the environment is an embarrassment — while others look at our countryside they see a nation that fights for independence but disrespects the soil it seeks to represent. What good isContinue reading “Kurdish ‘spring picnics’ are a nightmare”