US blocks Arab allies from directly arming Kurdish forces to fight ISIS

640x-1As British MPs continue to debate the threat of ISIS, and the best way to tackle, as well as defeat the extremist group, the US has blocked Arab allies in the region from directly arming the Kurdish forces in Rojava.

The US administration continues to demand arming Kurdish forces through Baghdad, but according to the British Telegraph, a senior Gulf official has said, “There is simply no strategic approach” and there exists “no overall plan for defeating” the extremist group.

While the Peshmerga successfully drive out ISIS, and resist their advances courageously, the US undermines their efforts to defeat and degrade the extremist groups by not allowing the direct arming of the Kurdish forces.

In 2014, the House of Representatives in US approved training and arming Syrian rebels against the regime, yet ironically the same level of support has not been given to the Kurdish people.

According to an NBC News poll, around two-thirds of Americans think US ground forces are necessary to fight ISIS, but the Obama administration has already ruled this possibility out.

The inevitable question here — why is the US President Barack Obama against the Gulf Arab states arming the Kurds to fight ISIS, an extremist group that poses a threat to global security? Understandably the US does not want to arm militia groups that have inherent Anti-American sentiment, but this is not the case with the Kurds.

The Kurdish people, and their governing bodies have always displayed Pro-American sentiment, and it doesn’t seem logical to not arm, as well as support Kurdish forces who want to eradicate ISIS.

As we have seen in the recent attacks by ISIS-inspired terrorists in Tunisia and France, the ideology that ISIS perpetuates poses a threat globally, as they promote a literalist and extremist interpretation of the Islamic religion.

The interests of the Kurdish people, and US administration in regards to ISIS are aligned. The US will make a huge mistake if they do not secure the Kurds as their allies in the region, and fund them militarily to fight ISIS. More importantly, if they continue to block aid from Gulf states, the Pro-American sentiment in the region is likely to decline.

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