The Muslim world’s hypocrisy towards Kurds

29F4CFCF00000578-3138643-image-a-6_1435253798352Throughout our history, we have been subject to a series of unfathomable attacks on our culture, language — and our very existence.

In Iraq, when we rebelled against the British — the betrayal was two-fold, both from our own brethren who allied with the Iraqi government, and the British who used our nationalist tendencies for their own political ends.

In Turkey, we have been subject to genocide, mass-displacement, governmentally-led discrimination, and worse, a state-sanctioned ban on our culture. In Iran, Kurdish political prisoners are routinely executed without the international community batting so much as an eye.

In Syria, until recently Kurdish people were not even recognised, or given citizenship by the government. We have a history of oppression, and our current circumstances are also filled with tyranny manifested in various forms, but the worst tyranny of all comes from the Muslim world, and its hypocritical silence towards the miserable suffering of Kurdish people.

To be specific — the Kobane situation has been met with a deadly silence. Judging by the various Muslim-led activist social networking accounts, you would think that that Kurdish people simply do not even exist, at least not to them.

While in Islam, oppression anywhere is oppression everywhere, but this does not apply to our situation. Our cries are often dismissed with little concern because we have been blacklisted, and do not fit into a certain narrative worthy of attention.

In the end, history will judge their moral lapse, and it will highlight a period of great suffering for Kurdish people — Syrians — Iraqis — Yemenis, and many other nationalities that are suffering around the globe. In particular, it will highlight the cowardly and deadly silence by Muslims globally towards Kurdish people.

Kurdish people can challenge this narrative through engaging with activists, local organisations and media agencies. Particularly because activists and news agencies tend to respond to “demand”. When there exists a large volume of demand(s) for a particular cause to be highlighted, in return various media agencies try or at the very least, attempt to highlight the case in question.

We should be practical and not egoistical about this — Kurds who are suffering in Kobane and other parts of Kurdistan need immediate attention, and through engagement-led activism, the plight and suffering of Kurds can be highlighted, as well as helped.

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