Britain must support Kurds against ISIS

europe_2114838bThe threat of Islamic State (IS/formerly ISIS) militants is global. Their brutality has worldwide ramifications as seen in the recent attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine’s headquarters in Paris.

Muslims have been butchered by this extremist group both in Iraq and Syria. Religious minorities have endured the grit of their sex-slavery campaigns, the Yazidis (also known as Ezidis) community continue to suffer with thousands of men from Shingal (a predominately Yazidi town) killed, and thousands of women sold as sex slaves at the hands of ISIS.

The ambitions of ISIS is to establish a “caliphate” based on tyranny, similar to Boko Haram in Nigeria. They have established laws and regulations that were non-existent at the time of the Prophet Mohammed.

The Kurdish armed forces, known as Peshmerga, are the only credible army against ISIS. They are fighting a regional war on behalf of the world, but are not given sufficient support militarily and otherwise.

Britain must establish strong diplomatic ties with Kurdistan region if it wants to establish a strong opposition against ISIS. Without the Kurds, the war against ISIS can not be won because they are an army willing to defend their homeland against the spread of an politicised ideology that thrives on brutality and massacres.

If Britain and other European countries do not extend a diplomatic hand on an equal footing to Kurdish leaders, they will lose a key ally in Middle East.

It’s not just diplomatic support that Kurdish leaders hope to receive, but military support as well, without which extremist groups will flourish without a credible opposition. How can European leaders ignore Kurdish pleas for more advanced weapons in the face of a growing regional threat that could detonate at any given time?

One thought on “Britain must support Kurds against ISIS

  1. I think that it must be remembered that the Kurds are not just simply a minority existing within other states. In the past they have held the title of an Empire and they, are in actuality a united race, a nation that was forcibly split between four foreign nations. They have their own culture, democracy, method of governing, religions and language. They have never been represented fairly by the nations which govern over their territories and it is for this reason that they, have by force of circumstances, been obliged to defend their own. Thirty million at least were slaughtered in the last century at the hands of the four states. That is almost two thirds of the total death toll of world war two. Upon one people! In spite of all of this they yearn for close relations with the west and Israel. The US must realize that there has to be exceptions to the rule of not arming minorities and the Kurdish issue is a classic and appropriate example of policy that needs to be sidelined in view of the circumstances.The war with IS was not something they wanted. IS attacked them savagely, especially their minorities. In the absence of a regional force to repel IS on their behalf they were compelled once again to fend for themselves. The whole world stands in awe of their valiant effort. People are seeing that Islam can be democratic and non coercive. They are a model that has become the pride of all the free nations. This, they have done with antiquated soviet weaponry from the pre cold war era. They have to be modernized with heavy armor, artillery, armored infantry, APC’s, rockets of all sorts, mortars, helicopters, field hospitals, bulldozers, intelligence gathering equipment, military field communication equipment, assault rifles, sniper rifles of all calibers, grenade launchers, engineer equipment of all sorts, mine clearing equipment, etc, etc, etc. and they need the equipment now. They are fighting an international war alone and their losses represent this especially in view of the rag tackle equipment at their disposal. Please Help now.

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