Back again, blogging in my own little corner!

10156152_629086923845841_1912343336189244745_nI’ve been absent from the blogsphere for quite some time, and with good reason. I recently graduated, got married, have an eight-month old son and much more! What really pushed me away from blogging was none of the above, but nearly two years ago I mistakenly did not set my original domain name to auto-renewal and while staying in Hewler for about a year, I regretfully did not pay attention to domain renewals (all of which, unsurprisingly landed in my junk email folder).

Over the past two years, I have spontaneously blogged on different outlets, Huffington Post being the only regular monthly blog that I contribute to, when the occasion arises. Fret not! I will resume my little blurts in this corner of the world.

Recently, I registered my dot London domain name, and it has the right appeal and incentive for me to renew my blogging ambitions.

I also encourage Kurds, those who love London’s weather to register their Dot London domains, particularly the main political outlets e.g. KDP.London, PUK.London, Gorran.London and so on. All of these domain names are available!

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